Association of Behçet Patients
A message from the President of the Association:


Association of Behçet Patients is a society founded in 1986 by the patients suffering Behçet's disease and who were members thereafter. Not only the patients may be members, but also the related physicians and medical staff are welcome.

The membership requires a recent photograph, the identity card, the residential address and a fee of 5 million Turkish Liras.

PURPOSE: The aim of our society is to provide the finance required for the evaluation and medication of the diseased members, with the aid of the members' fees and donations. With more than 3700 patients, the financial requirement for them is evident. Since Behçet's disease involves the eyes, we are in collaboration with the "three-point visually handicapped association" for the sake of the rest of their lives.

We are content to receive aid to provide the wheel chairs for our patients who cannot walk due to the vessel involvement. It is overt that it is difficult to provide such requirements just by the personal relations alone. Because of the shortness of our budget, the projects are interrupted but most of the times we try to help our patients, ourselves.

The society also aims the psychosocial treatment of the patients, the preparation of brochures for the education of the patients and their household and adaptation of the patients in social activities.

Our principal purpose is to provide the optimal conditions for our patients, to be able to maintain their daily social and physical activities and to prevent them from being outsiders.

Therefore, we need your help for a better rehabilitation and treatment.


+90 212 520 18 97
+90 212 522 51 22
+90 212 522 51 27



Çetin Ezber (Secretary): IU Cerrahpasa Tip Fakultesi, Ic Hastaliklari Anabilim Dali, Romatoloji Bilim Dali, 34303 Cerrahpasa, Istanbul, Turkey.

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